The present unit is part of the following walks


The walks are the heart of the mathematical garden. However, there is a second category called Also Interesting with additional information.

There you will find the web page Mathematicians where we offer bibliographic information about certain mathematicians. The first mathematician presented in this way in the mathematical garden is Richard Dedekind.

You will find a list of their publications and – if available – information about collected works and biographies about these mathematicians. We want to invite you to browse through this original literature. Perhaps you will be inspired to read some of the original papers.


The mathematical garden provides one view on the world of mathematics, and of course there are many other views often in form of textbooks. We provide lists of textbooks with respect to different branches of mathematics, for example for the theory of sets, and we want to invite you to have a look into these books for further information and for other perspectives on the material presented in the mathematical garden.

In the units we restrict the references in general to the original literature with respect to the presented results. In addition we include links to the above mentioned lists of textbooks. As an example please have a look at the literature about set theory.